take out

‘A handsome couple with no masks is livid because there are no walk-ins. Her mask is hanging off a Prada handbag. ‘We will take our business elsewhere!’: Woman shows grace to staff after restaurant horror scene, ‘I’m ashamed of all of us’

“The manager comes over and says, ‘I’m so sorry. We sent your order with someone else and we don’t even know who.’ I tell him, ‘I understand. No problem. It’s a crazy night.’ He breaths a sigh of relief. I’m ashamed of all of us.”

‘I was a having a really crappy day.’ We finished our transaction. ‘I want you to know your awesome attitude really cheered me up.’: Mom surprised by act of kindness by local restaurant, ‘The world needs more people like her’

“A dude greeted me at the door. There’s some writing on my to go bag, but I don’t pay much attention to it. I thank her again, grab my food, and head out the door. When I get home, I realize it. I cried. It was enough to turn my whole day around.”

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