‘Children are so much more than test scores. My boy is NOT defined by the grade on his paper.’: Mom says ‘school is not of highest importance,’ more concerned with how son ‘treats others’

“I gave my 10-year-old a math test today. I watched him pour every bit of effort in his little body into that test. Then, with a deep breath, he handed it back. ‘It’s an 89.’ Immediately, his eyes filled with tears. He’d done his best and still came up short. I looked at him, then back at the paper. And then I ripped it in half. Children are so much more than test scores or a reading level. They’re so much more than the box we try to mold them into.”

‘I was home alone. I was getting into bed when I took off my bra. That’s when I felt it.’: Woman diagnosed with ‘very fast, aggressive cancer’ knew she was going to ‘beat this,’ would ‘not give in to fear’

“I was 24, I had everything. I couldn’t imagine life being more perfect, and at that age didn’t even think that life could take a turn. But it always does, doesn’t it? As my poor doctor talked about all the future would bring for me, I started joking with him. He was weirded out by it, but he eventually got used to me. I had to add wedding wig shopping to the list, but it didn’t matter. I would have married him bald.”

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