‘Single Alex! You’re like a unicorn who doesn’t want to get caught!’ Wait, what?! I DO.’: Woman explains the advantages of being over 30 and single

“I’m 33 years old and single. Here’s the thing: my life doesn’t start in motion when my husband arrives. My life is in motion. Period. My husband will arrive. Period. I’m not the woman back in the village hopelessly waiting for the hero. I AM the hero, too. I am doing the work to make my life worthy of the epic woman I am…AND the epic man I deserve.”

‘Today, I felt depressed. Instead of fighting it, I copped a squat in a dressing room until I was ready to put my big girl pants back on.’: Woman says depression is ‘not an option,’ accepts she’ll always be ‘the girl with a little less light’

“It was an average day. I dressed my kids, sent them to school. Then, I started to feel numb. Most days depression blends into our every day lives, but not today. Today it felt heavy. The world fed me the idea that depression looked like staying in bed every day, and because I was still rising and thriving, I thought I could get by. But when I entered the dressing room, the pain slipped in so fast I had no choice but to sit.”

‘I remember our first marital therapy session vividly. I sat separated from Ryan and the tension between us felt so strong. We were two hurting people only hurting each other.’: Wife says despite ‘horrible’ first session, ‘healing was happening’

“I had so much I wanted to say to Ryan, many things I had said to him before, but saying them in front of someone felt like they would be heard. But that day my heart ultimately exploded, literally, in the form of tears and anger.”

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