‘I was 29 when I found out I was pregnant with twins. I continued to use every 4-6 hours.’: Addict ‘didn’t want to die a junkie,’ finally gets clean for her children because ‘enough was enough’

“I had gone to Cotillion and Girl Scouts, went to Catholic school and had a family who loved me. Now I was a junkie. One time my mom hid her money in her pillowcase while she slept, and I cut it out with her laying on it. Birds fly, fish swim, and addicts use. That’s what I did. But my kids deserved for me to try.”

‘You sat right next to me and grabbed my daughter. My biggest regret is not taking a picture of you.’: Mom thanks woman for act of kindness on flight, ‘you saved me from a breakdown 35,000 ft in the air’

“I was flying back to the city I grew up in to say goodbye to my dying father with 7-month-old twins. They were feeding off my frantic energy and everything exploded half way through the flight. Tears fell from all 3 of our faces. While everyone rolled their eyes, you jumped in during my darkest hour without skipping a beat.”

‘I tried to convince her to leave but she wouldn’t. My mom won $24,000 and gave us the money to do IVF’: Woman’s BINGO WIN finally gives her TWINS, ‘This changed our lives forever’

“I had an addiction to peeing on sticks. It’s a real thing. My husband made me pee on the test that says ‘pregnant’ or ‘not pregnant.’ HE didn’t believe the lines. Sure enough, our bingo babies were conceived! What came next was unexpected and scary. I had a postpartum hemorrhage after each baby was born and they could not get it under control. ‘Am I dying?,’ I remember asking my mom. I kept thinking, ‘How did I go through all this and not be able to see my babies grow up?’”

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