‘What are your hands doing?’ you asked, instead of inquiring about what she wants for Christmas.’: Autism mama urges  ‘tis the season to spread awareness’ after Santa makes fun of stimming

“To the Santa who made fun of my daughter’s flapping: my kids have waited all year to sit on your coveted lap. My little girl is seven. This might be the last year she believes in your magic. Next time you see a child like mine—consider it beautiful, not bizarre.”

baby boy with brain damage in the hospital surviving

‘I’d choose a brain-damaged baby over a dead baby any day. People who act like I should be relieved hurt me deeply.’: Bereaved mom exposes stigma toward persons with disability

“When Sterling died, it was tragic. Everyone was shocked and in disbelief — until they learned he was brain-damaged when he died. Suddenly, people acted as if we were lucky we didn’t have to live the rest of our lives with a disabled child, as if God performed some mercy killing and we should be grateful.”

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