‘From birth, he began growing in length and weight. Judgement was cast from others who’d never seen anything like our boy before. Doctors were hitting dead ends.’: Bardet Biedl warrior diagnosed after 5-year quest for answers

“One day I went to grab the mail, only to find a surprise letter that took me off my guard. I immediately scanned the letter with my phone app and emailed it to his primary care pediatrician. ‘Am I reading what I think I am?’ Literally in shock, after over 1826 days, I was holding a letter that confirmed Joshua, our boy.”

‘I felt them again last night.’ I was suddenly a single dad to 4 boys. This wasn’t supposed to happen.’: Man loses wife to Cardiac Sarcoidosis, vows to ‘tell her story’

“We talked a bit, fell asleep. The next thing out of her mouth was a gasp. I shook her, screamed her name. No response. A wave of terror came over me as I fumbled to call 911. A machine violently compressed her chest over and over. They wouldn’t stop until I gave the word. I started to get pleading looks from the doctors. As each excruciating second passed, hope faded. Death enveloped the room. I finally uttered the words, ‘It’s enough.'”

‘Everything was changing. But it was grief that brought us together.’: Widows fall in love after losing spouses to tragedies, now a beautiful ‘blended family of 8’

“After my wife’s death, I got so many cards, letters, texts. But this one stopped me cold. The name brought a story so heavy, so dark, it was hard to believe she actually lived it. Knowing her story, you’d expect this sad, fearful person. It didn’t take me long to realize she was anything but. She was a beautiful girl with beautiful scars. And, suddenly, I wasn’t alone. The connection was effortless, natural, and deep. She gave me hope.”

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