‘This mother was panicking. Her infant started wailing, disturbing sleeping passengers. You could see panic written all over her face. A lady even stood up to give her tips.’

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“I had an interesting flight today.

This first-time mother was panicking half way through the flight when her infant started wailing, disturbing sleeping passengers, and gaining attention from every female on board. You could see her trying to hush the infant, panic written all over her face and worry as she tried to calm down her baby.

As another lady stood up to give her tips on calming her baby and asking her if it was okay, she would try to calm the infant.

Then, the best thing happened. One of the cabin crew members was an expert father, and within minutes in his arms, the baby was sleeping soundly.

Ladies, a good husband is a good father.

This man right here was flying 32,000 ft, 800 miles from home, and I had never seen anything more beautiful than this moment when he hushed and smiled at the baby girl in his arms.”

Courtesy Alanna Michelle Escudero

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