‘The pizza guy treated me like a whole different person when I gained weight. I liked my body skinnier. Men wouldn’t brush me off.’: Woman struggling with body positivity says ‘it’s about you, screw the pizza guy!’

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“I liked being skinner because clothes fit me better.

I liked my body being skinnier because I felt people responded to me better.

I liked my body being skinnier because men wouldn’t brush me off, like the guy at the pizza shop who treated me like a whole different person when I gained weight.

I liked my body being skinnier because people told me how good I looked.

Everything I liked about my body back then, wasn’t actually about MY body.

It was about acceptance.

Which would explain why when my body was skinnier, I was still striving for more thinness, I was still wanting more, I was still unhappy. I was still full of pressure.

My body wanted acceptance. I wanted acceptance.

I’m not telling you to love your body – all or nothing, because giving us another reason to feel guilty when we don’t have a ‘perfect’ day is just not what anyone needs. I’m telling you to work on growing acceptance for it.

So, every time you feel tempted to hate yourself for a roll, or you feel tempted to google extreme diet measures to get the body you want, ask yourself am I doing this for me or for acceptance? Is acceptance what I need to find? Because all that matters in this life is the love you have for yourself.

It’s about you. Not anyone else. Screw the pizza guy! (Figuratively, or literally, I ain’t judging).”

Courtesy Laura Mazza

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