Dear Working Moms, Thanks For Teaching Little Girls They Can Achieve Anything

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“Dear Working Mom,

I don’t know if anyone has told you this yet today, or ever, but I wanted to reach out and say something:


You may not realize it, but there’s a whole group of people out there in the world—I, other moms, and every single one of our little girls—who need you.

Because here’s the deal. You, my friend, are tough.

I know it’s not easy. Most days you feel like you are attempting a balancing act that you can never get quite right. The scale never quite balances out, does it? You hear the phrase ‘having it all’ and actually cringe, because you know that phrase is a big, big lie.

You know that anything you get done comes at the cost of something else, and that’s a hard lesson.

Each day, you are in charge of pleasing two very different, but very demanding groups of people—your boss, and your kids. And unfortunately, you only get paid for one of those jobs.

Maybe you feel guilty for leaving your kids. Maybe you feel guilty because you like to get a break from your kids.

But here’s what I know for sure: You definitely are exhausted from trying to get it all done, all the time.

I know all this, because I was raised by a hell of a tough working mom, and for a few harried years, I was you.

I was a mom working a strange shift, who left it all on the field, all the time, and always to my own detriment and exhaustion.

No free time I managed to find was mine. Even if I cobbled together a few minutes at the end of a long day and longed to do something for myself—to just sit—I still always gave it away, out of guilt, to someone else.

I felt I didn’t deserve to take time for myself if there were any loose ends still hanging. Why would I devote any time to taking care of myself when there was always, always someone who needed me more than I needed myself?

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

I hope you find a few minutes to pat yourself on the back today, mama.

In the morning, when you’re putting shoes and socks on the kids and rushing them out the door to day care or school; while you’re squeezing in lunch at your desk and answering emails; while you’re ordering groceries for delivery, because who has time to shop in a store anyway?

In the middle of one of those moments, I hope you know how many of us out here are rooting for you. How many of us women are glad you are you, doing what you do.

You are who I mean when I say my little girls can be anyone they want to be.

You are the woman I’ll point to when I say, not all mamas do the same thing, and isn’t that awesome?

You, working mom, are the living proof that while chasing your dreams isn’t always easy, it’s always worth it.

So, thanks. From the bottom of my heart to yours, thanks for pulling off something not every woman can, so that when our little girls grow up, they can live life on their own terms.

I know it’s not easy. But we see you. And we–all your girls–are behind you. Always.”

This story was submitted to Love What Matters by Sonni Abatta of Orlando, Florida. You can follow her journey on Instagram. Be sure to subscribe to our free email newsletter for our best stories.

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