Real People. Real Stories. Real Heart.

Help us spread the love, kindness, and compassion by owning a collection of our best stories (and plenty of new ones). You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll—well, let’s be honest, you’ll mostly cry.

These inspiring, emotional stories will ensure that, even in the worst of times, you remember that Love Always Wins.

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“90% of the reads bring me to tears. I just can’t believe the love this world truly has when all we see is hate. This is so uplifting.” —Shelsea

“These stories are such a wonderful reminder of celebrating life and putting things in perspective. Just ordered another 7 copies.” — Debbie

“Highly recommend this book. An AWESOME read. Great inspirational stories.” — Lady J


We created this companion booklet to help families talk with their kids about some of the topics and issues discussed in the book. For example, there are chapters on helping those in need, embracing our differences, honoring our heroes, etc. There is even a fun BINGO-style game that families can play together. This booklet is completely free.

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WATCH as loved ones discover their story has made it into the “Love What Matters” book:

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