Show Up For Your Friends, Even When You Aren’t Asked To

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“Do you recognize her?

She didn’t ask or offer for me to reach out if I needed her…this lady right here…she just showed up at my door with Roses and Reese’s Cups and a mask.

She sat with me in my messy living room filled with toddler toys and crumbs from their most recent snack, and you know what?

She lounged.

She complimented the new paint color.

She got comfortable, and she got real.

It’s been a rough few days for me, and she didn’t just offer to ‘let her know if I need anything.’

No, she came to me.

She knew I would not ask even when I needed a friend, so she just did it anyway.

And let me tell you, what rough few days.

It meant so much to feel seen and known and heard.

It meant so much to me that she headed out on a week night with her own 3 babies at home to come and talk to me about everything and nothing for two and a half hours just to make sure I was okay.

Do you recognize this lady?

She is me. She is you. We need each other.

Show up. Just do it…in whatever way you feel like you should.

Don’t offer or suggest all of the time.

Sometimes we just need to do it because we know we wouldn’t ask for that even when we needed it, and neither would they, but they do. We need each other.

Just show up.”

woman sitting on couch wearing face mask
Courtesy of Hannah Dearth

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