In A World That Expects Perfection From Moms And Their Kids, We Will Never Measure Up

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“She’s often the one sitting on the sidelines at the pool, sweat embedded into her skin, or the one criticizing her stretch marks and blemishes in the mirror.

If she goes out with her kids, she’s often greeted with a shake of the head and side-eye by people at the store when her children are simply acting like children.

She’s a mom, and people expect perfection from her and her kids.

Because people aren’t kind to moms.

They’re hard on us.

We’re expected to return to our pre-pregnancy bodies a week after giving birth.

We’re expected to have so much energy after waking at night with a screaming newborn.

We’re expected to be always grateful and happy, even during diaper changes and tantrums.

We’re always expected to be patient; even if we make a meal everyone refuses to try.

We’re expected to have a spotless home even with the kids making a mess at every turn.

This is all while dads are met with ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ for just doing their job.

A ‘dad bod’ is even considered attractive.

It’s unfair.

And yes, dads are great, and this isn’t a piece against them.

It’s about moms having impossible expectations to uphold.

It’s no wonder we experience shame and constantly think we’re not measuring up.

So next time you go to judge a mom, think about where your bias is coming from.

Because this is your reminder she’s human, she’s working so hard, and deserves your grace—because I can guarantee she’s doing her best.”

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