What Does Love Feel Like? 7 Signs You Are In Love

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Finding the love of your life is the ultimate goal for many people and you want to find that one person you love wholeheartedly to spend the rest of your life with. But, if you’ve never felt this way before, you will likely wonder what does love feel like?

Whether you have never been in a relationship before or have but are unsure if you have ever felt true love, you may want to immerse yourself in the knowledge of it. In order to do so, you need to know which signs to look for. Read on for 7 signs to answer the question what does being in love feel like?

What Is True Love?

Romantic relationships can look incredibly different to each person or couple, and everyone expresses their love uniquely. What might appear to be true love in one relationship could be different from another.

Ultimately, true love is a personal and passionate experience between two people. It is a relationship where two people care for each other without having expectations, or limiting beliefs. True love is unconditional.

What Does Love Feel Like?

What does being in love feel like? Relationship experts have learned there can be many signs of true love, and there are some that unequivocally answer the question of what a true romantic relationship feels like.

1. You Feel Completely Safe

A partner should always make you feel safe in every sense, both physically and emotionally. Even if you consider yourself to be an incredibly independent person, you may feel an increased sense of safety around your partner, which is often a tell-tale sign of love for an independent person. 

Physical safety with your partner can be obvious such as knowing they can keep you safe if your house is broken into or someone tries to steal your purse. They can make you feel safe in the bedroom by respecting your body. They can comfort you when you are in pain.

Emotional safety comes from being able to communicate your feelings and have them validated. You know you can freely discuss your fears and thoughts without judgment. Remember, someone who loves you won’t make you feel unsafe. 

2. You Can Sense A Genuine Connection

Having a connection with a partner doesn’t solely mean you like and enjoy the same things. While common interests are important in relationships, different interests can add some fascination to the relationship. No matter what topic you are discussing with a partner, if you feel a genuine connection with them, that can show you the answer to what does love feel like?

While a connection in terms of how you communicate is a sign of a loving relationship, there are other non-verbal connections you may feel. When two people fall in love, they can begin to think the same or have similar feelings.

You may find yourself at a party together, on opposite sides of the room talking with people. When you catch each other’s eyes across the room, you can feel that connection with each other. It makes your heart flutter and you know: this is romantic love. 

What Does Love Feel Like 7 Signs That You Are In Love
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3. You Feel Mutual Acceptance

Being accepted by the people in your life is right up there with striving to find your one true love. So, finding acceptance with someone you love is crucial. A partner who loves will be fully accepting of who you are, what you enjoy, and the goals you have. 

Finding acceptance for yourself is only part of the equation. Unconditional love means accepting your partner as well. You make sacrifices for one another and make time for each other. You appreciate who they are right now, not for who they were or hope they become. 

4. You Recognize The Difference Between Love And Lust

There is a huge difference between love and lust. Lust is just one stage of a romantic relationship and usually consists of physical attraction to someone. While lust is important in a relationship, it’s not the only part of it. When you create a bond that extends beyond the physical attraction you feel to someone – such as deeply caring for them and forming a connection – that’s when you know that lust has graduated to love. 

When you are head over heels for someone, you crave spending time with them. Sometimes, it feels as though no time is ever long enough. It doesn’t matter what you do together, you just know that you want them by your side. 

5. You Have A Sense Of Independence And Completeness

There is a common mindset around completeness when in a relationship, with many people claiming their partner “completes” them. However, in cases of true love, feeling as though your partner completes you could be a sign of infatuation rather than love.

On your own, you should have a sense of independence and completeness and your partner should feel the same way. This is where the phrase whole-hearted comes from, which is two whole people who love each other completely. When two independent people come together, they are a team who works with each other, bringing every sense of themselves to their relationship. 

When you are in a relationship and you continue to feel the independence you had when you were single and you feel as though your partner compliments the completeness you embody, that is a sure sign that your love is true.

6. You Confidently Overcome Challenges Together

Part of working together as a team is overcoming challenges, and when you are in a relationship, that is a situation you will often be faced with. When you spend your life with someone, you will go through challenges together. From planning a wedding to buying a house to raising children and more, there are many experiences that can become challenging. 

What does being in love feel like when you can overcome challenges together? It feels comfortable and safe. You can rely on each other to communicate well and strategize together.

One of the reasons many people end up breaking up a relationship is because they are unable to tackle the hard stuff together. When you are truly in love with someone and work together as a team, there is no challenge that can get between you. 

7. You Feel Calm And Content Around Them

When you’re wondering what does being in love feel like, consider what is going on in your body and mind. When someone is making you feel safe, building a bond and connection, and wholly accepting you, it is very likely that you feel calm and content around them. You don’t feel stressed and you’re not experiencing anxiety because of them. In fact, being around them helps you find happiness.

Pay close attention to the feelings that come up for you when you are with your partner. How does it make you feel when they are happy? The connection you have with a partner feels like mutual happiness and calmness and is something you can’t get enough of.

Being in love is an incredible feeling and if you are lucky enough to have found it, don’t let it go. 

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