20 Adorable Baby Halloween Costumes

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Fair warning, if you don’t currently have a baby of your own to dress up this Halloween, these adorable costumes are sure to cause a serious case of baby fever! And if you do have a little tot at home, you better not miss your yearly opportunity to tote them around in the cutest costume you can find, because it won’t be like this for long.

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Lovable Little Lamb Costume

As if this costume wasn’t cute enough, the tutu adds an extra level of adorable! You could easily turn it into a fun mommy and me costume by dressing up as “Mary” from the nursery song, “Mary Had A Little Lamb.”

Little lamb baby girl Halloween costume.



Brown Baby Bear Jumpsuit

This fuzzy brown bear jumpsuit is an adorable stand alone costume, but you could also work it into a “Goldilocks’ and the Three Bears” themed family costume. Whatever you choose to do, there’s no doubt it’s beyond cute!

Brown bear baby costume with blue bow tie.


Roaring Baby Lion Costume

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! There’s one idea for this cute baby lion costume. Or dress up as a lion tamer for a cute circus duo. Either way your baby is sure to be the main attraction in this cute outfit!

Baby lion costume for Halloween.


Colorful Skeleton Outfit With Tutu

This brightly colored skeleton outfit is sure to be an eye-catcher! The pink bow and tutu scream cuteness while the long sleeve onesie and leggings are all about comfort.

Colorful baby girl skeleton costume for Halloween.


Baby Werewolf Costume

Turn your little tot into a werewolf for the night with this fun costume! Your friends and family will howl with delight when they see this cute sight!

Baby werewolf costume with red flannel shirt.


Cute Baby Cow Jumpsuit

You’re sure to be over the moon with this adorable baby cow jumpsuit. Dress daddy up as Old McDonald or mommy as a country cowgirl for a fun matching costume with your baby.

Baby cow jumpsuit costume.


Frozen’s Princess Anna Costume

You can never go wrong with Disney princesses and Anna remains one of Disney’s most popular! Get the whole gang in on a Frozen themed costume centered around your little princess.

Baby Princess Anna costume from Disney's Frozen.


Baby Snow White Costume

This Snow White dress is another adorable Disney baby princess costume we can get behind! How cute would it be to dress up some older siblings as dwarves?!

Baby Snow White costume.


Cute And Cuddly Panda Bear Jumpsuit

Most things aren’t black and white, but it’s clear this baby panda jumpsuit is super cute! And there’s no question this would make an adorable Halloween costume for your little one.

Black and white baby panda bear costume.


Comfy Baby Dinosaur Costume

This dinosaur onesie is simple and comfy — perfect for the baby who might be a bit fussy if you try to go too crazy with their costume. Check out all the cute colors available!

Green baby dinosaur onesie costume.


Bright Baby Duck Costume

An adorable choice for the little one still tucked under mama’s wing, this baby duck costume would pair perfectly with a mama duck or farm themed family set.

Yellow baby duck onesie costume.


Mischievous Baby Monkey Costume

If you’re feeling a bit like a circus full of monkeys, this cute costume might be for you and your baby. Dress older siblings as monkeys or circus animals and laugh at the chaos that is parenting!

Brown baby monkey costume for Halloween.


Funny Play Pen Prisoner Outfit

Probably the only crime your perfect package is guilty of is keeping you up at night, which is part of the reason it’s extra cute and funny for Halloween!

Funny baby prisoner costume for Halloween.


NASA Baby Astronaut Jumpsuit

You’re going to love this astronaut jumpsuit to the moon and back. Turn your baby’s stroller or wagon into a spaceship and they’ll really be shooting for the stars!

White baby astronaut jumpsuit costume.


Fiercely Cute Tiger Costume

This baby tiger costume would be just GRRRREAATE!!! And dressing up as a safari guide would turn it into the perfect mommy and me costume combo.

Adorable baby tiger onesie costume.


Baby Elvis Presley Costume

Your little king is sure to get some applause for this hilariously cute Elvis costume! Set them on center stage and let them rock the show in this Vegas worthy garb!

Funny baby Elvis The King Halloween costume.


Adorable Winnie the Pooh Costume

Sweeter than honey, this precious Pooh Bear costume will melt hearts! Who doesn’t love the adventures of Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin?

Baby Winnie The Pooh costume.


Cute Baby Racoon Jumpsuit

A creature of the night, this baby racoon costume will be perfect for Halloween night and all the festivities that come with it! Your little one will steal hearts in this adorable outfit.

Baby raccoon onesie costume for Halloween.


Sweet Little Sea Turtle Costume

This adorable sea turtle would be perfect for your beach loving baby! If your little one can’t get enough of the ocean, dress them up as one of its cutest creatures this Halloween.

Adorable green baby turtle onesie costume.


Incredible’s Jack-Jack Costume

Dress up your baby as one of Disney’s cutest little superheroes and turn your family into the Incredible’s for an incredibly fun family themed costume this year.

Baby Jack Jack costume from Pixar's The Incredibles.

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