Dear Mom, You Weren’t Supposed To Leave Me So Soon

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Disclaimer: This story contains details of grief which may be upsetting to some.

“Dear Mom,

You weren’t supposed to leave me so soon.

I’ve had to do everything without you.

You weren’t supposed to leave me so soon.

I’ve had a miscarriage.

I’ve had two babies.

And I’ve had two surgeries.

I’ve watched my brother fight addiction.

I’ve watched my dad remarry.

And I’ve planned funerals.

I’ve written obituaries.

I’ve potty-trained toddlers.

And I’ve watched my kids learn to read.

I’ve celebrated birthdays and holidays.

I’ve planned parties.

And I’ve moved cities.

I’ve bought and sold houses.

I’ve bought and sold cars.

And I’ve made and lost friends.

I’ve said goodbye to two dogs.

I’ve trained a new puppy.

And I’ve quit and started jobs.

I’ve taught myself to cook.

I’ve painted cabinets.

And I’ve learned how to sew.

I’ve buried your parents, my grandparents.

And, most importantly, I’ve learned to be a wife and a mom.

Without you.

Alzheimer’s disease stole you from the best part of my life.

I didn’t even make it out of high school before you started getting sick.

I barely made it out of college before you were diagnosed.

Alzheimer’s disease stole you from the best part of my life.

You weren’t supposed to leave me so soon.”

mom with Alzheimer's sitting in chair and talking
Courtesy of Lauren Flake

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