‘I came home and took off the removable seals from our lids… and THIS is what I found!’

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“Apparently doctors have been finding that some patients are struggling to fight off unexplainable infections… even after multiple antibiotics! A couple have finally discovered it may be due to the mold on the lids of their Yeti cup (and/or other brand of similar cups).

So, I came home and took off the removable seals (that we didn’t even know were removable!) from our lids… and THIS is what I found!

Courtesy Veronica Lucas

We attempted to remove the seals from the first couple of cups we bought. They were so snug that we honestly thought they would break if we forced it. So, we assumed they were permanently attached. Our cups never came with instructions. And I never used sippy cups with seal rings when my kids were small.

Courtesy Veronica Lucas

I’ve received numerous messages from others who made the same misconception about their cup seals; as some brands are super snug!  I’ve also received messages from people who have been dealing with infections and are concerned they were caused by these seals, as well. So, I am certainly not the only one who was very wrong about those lids!

My husband actually battled infection in his body this fall, and we couldn’t figure out what was going on. Now I wonder if it too was attributed to our cups!

I’ve always hand washed and/or washed in the dishwasher daily. I never dreamed of what all could be under there. Seriously y’all…  go check your lids! (This applies to ALL brands of cups…not just Yeti.)”

Courtesy Veronica Lucas

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