‘I was trapped inside as I was screaming ‘Get my babies!’ I was pulled out to hear ‘Is my mom dead?’: Mom URGES car seat safety

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“I have been processing this for days! Wednesday afternoon I picked up Alayna from school and had the other three kids in the car. We then went and got the boys haircuts. Then we ran to the grocery store and headed home. We were only a couple miles from the house when our lives would change forever. We are very lucky that we are here to tell our story. A man ran a light as we were going 45 mph and crashed into us head on!

Woman's car that was wrecked in car crash who urges car seat safety
Sarah Sutton

There were many wonderful people that stopped. People had to pull our children out of our vehicle. I was trapped inside. I remember a lady asking me if I had 3 children…. as I was screaming ‘Get my babies!’ Liam could not undo his seatbelt and the truck was covered by airbags and filled with smoke. It was hard for them to see him. He did get out. He is now dealing with issues of ‘mommy I was left behind!’ I was pulled out to hear Alayna screaming ‘is my mom dead?’

Young child with scar on neck from car crash
Sarah Sutton

I was listed as critical and so was the other gentleman. He was dead on arrival and they revived him. I left in an ambulance as soon as Neil arrived to the scene. Then my mother in law showed up and she hopped in an ambulance with our girls and Neil went in the ambulance with our boys. We had x-rays and cat scans and thank God all was good. Everyone at the ER was in shock that we were alive! Thank God for this vehicle that kept the entire cab in tact. Thank God I am a psycho mom who did not listen to her kid and let them ride in a booster! 5 point harness car seats saved my kids lives. Please I am begging you as a mom to really look at this. This could be you. This could be anyone. I would hate to hear about your poor innocent child that died because of a choice that you made for them that could save their life. My children beat the odds on Wednesday and we are very very lucky they are alive.

Young boy with scar on collarbone and bruises on body from car wreck
Sarah Sutton
Little girl with red scars on both collarbones from car wreck
Sarah Sutton
Young boy with red scars on shoulders from car crash
Sarah Sutton

Booster seat only once 65 lbs-100 and always back seat. The front seat has wrecked me as a grown adult! Do not do that to these poor growing kids. Back is always best. Do your best to protect them.

Carseat that woman urges people to use after kids were injured in car crash
Sarah Sutton

We are now dealing with body image issues, soreness, nightmares, depression, sensitivity to loud noises, just not feeling like ourselves. This is heartbreaking to see the emotional toll it is taking on our babies!

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