‘I’ve enjoyed a privilege that most women won’t. I’ve never been scared to walk alone at night.’

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“I’ve never been scared to walk alone at night. I’ll take the shortest route I can, even if it means the alley-way or the dark path next to the train track.

I’ve never moved train cars because I was the only one left on a night rider and I’ve never sent a text to anyone with a number plate, or a name, or a location as a ‘just in case you don’t hear from me’.

I guess what I’m saying is that I’ve enjoyed a privilege that most women won’t. I’ve carelessly put myself into the very situations we teach our girls to avoid and I did it without fear of blame if something unfortunate did happen to me.

There’s a really big conversation happening in the world right now; and it’s an important one. And it’s easy to see a few posts and forget what it’s all about. But deep down, if you put yourself in the shoes of the person who actually has to monitor their drink when they enjoy a relaxing day with friends; you’ll realise even the smallest of inconveniences relating to power and violence never really applied to you.

But truly… if you are one of the ‘good guys’; Don’t get so caught up professing your innocence that you forget your privilege.

One thing’s for sure though… for as long as women are being attacked by men; the conversation had to continue.

So stop whinging and start spreading the word.”


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