‘The world sees your smile. But I see the fire you fight to conceal, the flames darting out of your eyelashes.’: Mom pens beautiful open-letter to teenage daughter

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Daughter, I can’t save you from the hard things you are going through.

I wish with everything in me that I could. I would fix it in a second flat.

I would swoop in and sand down the rough edges and put a coat of poly on it to protect it from the elements.

I would stop it from callusing your hands.

The world sees your smile and your sarcasm, then chalks you up to a picture easy to decipher.

But there are masks on top of masks with the imperfections hidden behind.

You feel that your insecurities are meant to stay behind closed doors and a locked heart. It’s easier for others to digest. While it gives you indigestion.

I want to make phone calls, hold press conferences, and put up banners shouting how incomprehensibly amazing you are, but I can’t even say it to you without you rolling your eyes.

I want the world to see the fire you fight to conceal. The flames darting out of your eyelashes. The light dancing under your skin. The oceans of emotions you swim just to get across to the other side of the day.

Daughter, you are arriving every minute. Continuously becoming. Shedding layers and simplifying your truth.

I can’t make it any easier. But I can promise to be the witness to all of it. To all of you.”

teenage girl sits on deck railing smiling
Courtesy of Melissa Neeb

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