To The Person Dealing With Narcissistic Behavior

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“Dear Beautiful Soul,

I know you are tired of the gaslighting.

I know you are tired of the constant narcissistic behavior that haunts you.

I know you have a lot of self-doubt and are questioning your worth because someone has chosen to deflect their problems onto you, engulfing you in a flame of confusion, slander, isolation, and mistreatment in the form of bashing and baiting.

I know you are just trying to make it through each day, one breath at a time, one moment at a time, hoping you are strong enough to face the storm.

I know you are exhausted from having someone gaslight you into second-guessing yourself and thinking your thoughts, feelings, and facts are not true nor real.

Their manipulative behavior is toxic, and it is a form of control because they have figured out a way to control you from afar utilizing tools to their advantage, whether it be people or lack of responsibility.

I know you are expecting peace after suffering for so long, yet the manipulation and mind games continue.

You worked through most of, if not all, the trauma for years with professional help, learning to cope and better handle everything, yet are left feeling like a failure because a toxic individual refuses to help themselves, constantly blaming you for their faults and shortcomings.

Making you feel like a bad person, friend, and parent.

You question why you feel like this, only to realize a narcissist needs supply in their cycling of abuse; you are their supplier especially if children are shared.

One day, you will be free of the turmoil, the frustration, and the insufferable pain.

But, remember you are worth what you have worked towards in self-development and self-discovery.

You will make mistakes, and it is okay: there is no instructional guideline to life, so learn and carry on forward.

You will be all right, it just is going to take support, time, and a lot of giving yourself grace in the knowledge that you are here in the now and working towards the future where you are thriving!



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Courtesy of Whitney L

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