‘Wait, really?’ As he started to cry, he says, ‘Why?’ He walked over to my guitar case and he took 1 single dollar, not all of it, just ONE DOLLAR.

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“Some things really can change your life… I am blown away by what happened just now…

Today I decided to go play downtown San Diego by the USS Midway Museum. I arrived around 11:30 am and started my jam session. The music was flowing, my voice was strong, and the sunshine came out quickly. The crowds of people who walked by me were giving today, throwing in a fair amount of cash and dollar bills as I played. I also noticed off to the right there were 3 men sleeping on the lawn who looked like they were homeless and in need of help.

They sat up and listened to a few songs here and there, giving me a thumbs up and even smiling after I would finish a song. As time progressed the next moment changed my life…

Michael Briggs (the man to the aleft of me in the photo) walked up to me and asked if he could have 1 single dollar to get food, he said he already had two dollars and wanted to go down to the store and get a 3-dollar egg sandwich.

I looked at my cash bundle and I only had around 65 dollars in the guitar case at that point.

I told Michael…

‘You can take all of it if you’d like.’

Michael said, ‘Wait, really?’ As he started to cry, he says, ‘Why?’

I said, ‘because you are hungry, and, in a few hours, you are going to be hungry again, so you’ll need some extra cash to get a big meal.’

Michael turned around and placed his hands over his face as he cried, my heart started to well up as I realized this man maybe eats once a day and has been struggling for many years now. Michael walked over to my guitar case and he took 1 single dollar, not all of it, just ONE DOLLAR.

He said, ‘I know folks who need this more than me, so because you’re a good man and wanted to help me, it’s only right I do what you did and help someone else.’

Michael goes and grabs Stanley (the man to the right of me in the photo)

Stanley comes up and says, ‘Can I have 3 dollars for an egg sandwich?’

I told him, ‘You can have all of it if you’d like.’

Stanley started to cry as well and also asked me ‘Why?’ …

I said-

‘I am going to treat you the same as I treated Michael, I don’t need to know you to care about you, plus you all have been very supportive of my music the last hour or so showing me some love.’

Stanley goes and grabs only THREE DOLLARS and he says, ‘Is it okay that Michael and I distribute the money evenly between other homeless veterans we know?’

I asked, ‘You all are veterans?’

Turns out every single man and women I met today in that group (which grew to 10 people by the time my conversation was done with them) were all Navy, Marine, Army and Air Force veterans and served for 10 to 25 years each. One of which was a captain In the Army and had been shot multiple times in the back (he showed me his scars and photos of him in the military) He saved multiple lives during his tours.

Michael’s son is a Navy officer. His son gives his father money monthly and pays for Michael to stay in a single room apartment. Michael says a lot of the men and women in this group come stay with Michael in his 75 -100 square foot small room and they sleep on the floor and bed with him. Taking care of each-other every day.

Now the second half of the story is about a man who was watching this entire thing unfold and walked up to me crying, wiping his eyes, his name is Jeremy.

Jeremy said, ‘Do you see what you did, how one single act of kindness has blown up into a wave of giving?’

Jeremy then handed me 30 dollars cash and said, ‘You deserve to be taken care of as well.’ and walked away with a smile on his face.

I am blown away by what happened down by the USS Midway museum, meeting these amazing veterans has truly boosted every ounce of gratitude I have for my family, friends and my life partner Larisa. I am so provided for, I have everything I need and yes, I am human and go through some challenges from time to time but really, I am so provided for and have a beautiful opportunity to give and change lives when I sing and share what I love to do.

Thank you to the brave men and women who serve this country and to the men and women that serve one another every day, helping each-other smile.”

Man who plays guitar on streets for money has arms around two men he donated the money to for food

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