15 Hilariously Pet-Proofed Christmas Trees To Make You Smile

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There’s nothing like putting up the Christmas tree to get the whole family in the holiday spirit.

Unfortunately, certain furry family members seem determined to dismantle our mantels, along with everything else we attempt to decorate! Indoor pets simply don’t understand why their humans have dragged a giant tree into the house, and it shows. Thankfully, there are a few tried-and-true techniques designed to protect the tree from even the most ferocious critters.

1. Baby gates aren’t just for babies, you know.

christmas tree protected from pets

2. Introducing the magical hovering Christmas tree! (Don’t worry, no husbands were injured while balancing on a ladder to put this thing up.)

christmas tree put up to protect from pets

3. Who says you need a “real” tree, anyway?

christmas tree on a wall to protect from pets

4. Or an evergreen, for that matter?

only the branches decorated to protect from pets

5. This tree is so sly, the cat doesn’t even seem to know it’s there.

hanging tree from ceiling to protect from pets

6. Of course we put the Christmas tree on top of the fridge. Where else would we put it?

tree on the top of the fridge to protect from pets

7. It’s not the prettiest, but it will do.

tree covered to protect from pets

8. Go ahead, try to touch it. We dare you.

tree in glass to protect from pets

9. Which end is up? Does it matter?

hanging tree from ceiling to protect from pets

10. Nothing’s getting in there… not even Santa.

tree behind wire to protect from pets

11. Forget tinsel! This year’s tree calls for duct tape, and lots of it.

tree taped on a table to protect frompets

12. Wait, is this a before or an after picture?

bare tree to protect from cat

13. It may be tiny, but it’s pretty darn adorable.

tree in a box to protect from pet

14. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

cat in a christmas tree

15. When all else fails, just admire the beauty from afar!

tree outside to protect from pet

These naughty animals do make things challenging, but their parents wouldn’t have it any other way! Every time they cuddle up to us on the couch or flop over for belly rubs, we instantly forget how obnoxious they are around the holiday decorations. They’re worth the extra work!

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