Mom, 46, Is Told Her Eggs Are ‘Too Old,’ Gets Pregnant With Identical Triplets

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Audrey Tiberius of Alpine, Utah knew she wanted a big family ever since she can remember. And she always knew exactly how many children she wanted: seven.

Audrey and her husband Tyler had four boys together. They’re 13, 11, 9, and 7. By the time she was 41 years old, she figured her dream of having a family of seven would probably not come true… but she was ready to try.

A few years back, Aubrey went to the doctor to discuss pregnancy options only to be told that her eggs were simply “too old” to be able to conceive.

Determined to grow her family, Aubrey underwent several rounds of fertility treatments. She and Tyler prayed every night for a miracle, but she was beginning to lose hope once she stopped her treatments.

Then came a miracle that left everyone around her completely stunned… because the odds of it are 1 in 20 billion.

Watch the video below to see how everything turned out.

Video Credit: KSL News

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