To My Grown Children: Until My Last Breath, I Will Always Be There

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“Today, I asked my child Nicky for a picture and this is what I got.

Even though this isn’t my first time at the rodeo, being he’s the baby, his sassiness stings a little more.

The hardest part of raising four boys bridging between teenage and adulthood is the realization that they don’t quite need me the way they used to.

However, as I move from the driver to the passenger seat of their lives, I get the beautiful privilege of witnessing them growing into capable, independent, faithful men.

Being their mama is MY privilege, my greatest blessing, and a work in progress.

While they’re convinced they’ve got life figured out and their ole mom is an uncool worrywart, I’ll be here, ready to meet them where they are.

Ready to speak words of life, love, and prosperity over them.

Ready to have those tough love conversations.

Ready to advocate for them.

Ready to share the hardships that shaped my life.

Ready to help them readjust and get back on track.

Ready to console them during their times of loss.

Ready to encourage them to try something new.

Ready to open our home to their friends.

Ready to celebrate their victories.

Ready to help them prepare for the future.

Until my last breath, I’ll always be there, ready. Whatever that may look like.

Ready to support my fellas in rising to become the men they were called to be.

What I’ve learned through what’s come to feels like a slow-break up, is that this is exactly the way it’s supposed to be.  This battle of the wills, is the next bittersweet transition of life. For mom’s dealing with adolescence, it’s a delicate balance between holding on for dear life and learning when to let go.

But take heart mama, every now and again, in the most unlikely way, you’ll get a glimpse of your baby, maybe in a smile or belly laugh and you’ll be reminded they’re still there – they always have been.  ”

Mother smiling at concert with stage in background
Courtesy of Kathleen Franks

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