Adoptee Receives Surprise Birthday Message From Birth Mother He’s Spent Years Desperately Searching For

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Benjamin Hulleberg’s birth mother, Holly Shearer, made the selfless decision at the tender age of 15 to give her baby boy up for adoption, a decision Benjamin has desperately wanted to thank her for these many years later.

Teen mom holds baby boy she's giving up for adoption.
Courtesy of HCA Healthcare’s St. Mark’s Hospital
Picture of baby boy given up for adoption by young teen mom.
Courtesy of HCA Healthcare’s St. Mark’s Hospital

But despite his best efforts, Hulleberg was unable to locate his biological mother… until he received a message from a complete stranger on his 20th birthday.

“I received a message request in my messenger app wishing me a happy birthday,” Benjamin writes on Facebook. “I inquired about how I knew this person the day after, and I received one of the most important messages I have ever gotten in my life.”

The message read, “You don’t know me. Which is weird to have a stranger message you. 20 years ago I made the hardest decision of my life and placed my beautiful little baby up for adoption with a beautiful family. I have no intention on flipping your life upside down. I have thought about you every day and finally had the courage to send you a message wishing you a happy birthday.”

Screenshot of messages exchanged between adoptee and birth mother as they reunite for the first time.
Courtesy of HCA Healthcare’s St. Mark’s Hospital

Upon receiving this message, Hulleberg hastily replied, overjoyed to finally connect with the woman he had only ever known as “Holly.” He immediately begged to meet her, something he had longed to do for some time now, and inquired as to whether or not he had other siblings.

Not only was the young man reunited with his birth mother, but he also learned he has two half siblings, with whom he is incredibly excited to build relationships with.

“It means more friends, more people to talk to, and more people to protect and love,” Benjamin tells Love What Matters. “I have always prized loving people above being loved and so, when I figured out I had more people to love and care for, it made my day.”

Another incredible detail to add to this already amazing story… Benjamin received this life changing message on National Adoption Day!

Young baby boy wears blue winter coat and striped beanie.
Courtesy of HCA Healthcare’s St. Mark’s Hospital

“I broke down. It was a moment of immense happiness that I had been waiting for for so many years, and it came at me when I was least expecting it,” Hulleberg tells Love What Matters. “The emotions were so strong I couldn’t help but to bawl my eyes out. It was like finally reaching the end of a hard thing in your life.”

“I have always had a deep desire to meet my birth mother, simply for the opportunity to thank her for the selfless decision she made those many years back. I have searched, written letters to adoption agencies of Utah, done DNA testing, registered with the adoption registry. Nothing,” Benjamin shared on Facebook.

After a long, difficult search and years of hopeful longing, this reunion was all the sweeter. Surely, this had to be the best birthday gift Benjamin has ever received.

Adoptee takes picture with birth mom, reuniting with her after receiving a message on his 20th birthday.
Courtesy of HCA Healthcare’s St. Mark’s Hospital
Adoptee takes group picture with adoptive and biological family, first meeting his birth family as an adult.
Courtesy of HCA Healthcare’s St. Mark’s Hospital

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