‘I could tell by her tone things weren’t good. ‘You’ll need to prepare for her to come pick him up.’: Mom shares journey through 3 failed adoptions to adoption of baby girl

“I was bawling so hard I had to pull off the road for a few minutes to get my composure. All my fears and doubts came flooding to my memory. Why am I doing this? Is it just a waste of time and energy? Is she going to change her mind like everyone else? Will I ever be a mom?”

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‘I begged the doctor to save me. Over and over I was told, ‘C-section may make it harder for the baby to breathe.’: Traumatic birth survivor shares impending detrimental effects Roe v. Wade

“My safety was placed so far below that of my babies. I spent several hours requesting a c-section. I asked. My parents asked. My husband asked. But the decision came down to one doctor, who I’d never met before that day. And I was only a hairsbreadth away from losing my life.”

‘I wanted to escape my body, run away. I wanted to not be here…on earth.’: Abuse survivor bravely shares abortion story

“When the news of Roe vs. Wade came out, I began to weep uncontrollably. My heart went to the 19-year-old girl in the same situation right now I once was in. Feeling hopeless and suicidal, but now on top of that being forced to do something against her will. Not having an option, a choice over her BODY which her soul chose specifically for her journey.”

‘Don’t kill your baby!’ they screamed. ‘My baby is DYING. He is going to SUFFOCATE.’ They never bothered to think of what it was like.’: Woman explains importance of reproductive freedom

“They were calling me a murderer, even when it meant ignoring all the medical professionals and simply allowing myself to die along with Finley. My soul was on fire. And I was angry. No one owes you their story. But I am giving you mine in the hopes it opens your eyes.”

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