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Motherhood Is In The Tiny Details 

“It’s knowing what time to roll sleepy kids out of bed and who wants mayonnaise and the exact location of those lost shoes every single time. It’s keeping track of picture day and our turn to have the class hamster and which Saturday to bring soccer treats. It’s remembering favorite colors and favorite meals and shoe sizes. And if the tiny details of childhood matter to them, then they matter so much to me.”

‘Your daughter is so lucky to have you.’ If people knew my story, they’d realize I’m the lucky one.’: Single mom shares foster daughter’s adoption journey

“My husband of 7 years told me he didn’t want kids. I was utterly shocked and confused. We had already started saving for their education. I contemplated my choices, none of which were part of my plan. Divorcing someone I loved didn’t seem fair, but life without a family didn’t make sense to me.”

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