Alex Roush

Alex Roush is a content curator and publisher for Love What Matters. She is currently a student at the University of Texas at San Antonio studying Astrophysics and Environmental Science. Alex is also a concert photographer and spends most of her free time working shows around the San Antonio area. You can follow her on Instagram or explore her photography on her website:

It Took 16 Years For My Son To Get His Autism Diagnosis

“The school’s solution to my son’s meltdowns were suspensions. The principal balked at me and said, ‘Your son is NOT Autistic. He can make eye contact when he wants to. The only thing your son is, is manipulative.’ This began the years-long mission to diagnose Jonah, and allow him a fair chance at education.”

Student Bullied For Vitiligo Fearlessly Embraces Unique Skin

“They’d ask if I burned myself or bleached my skin. The ‘popular’ boys barked at me and called me a pit bull. I’d wear long-sleeved shirts to cover my arms, even in extreme heat while on the verge of passing out. I really, really wanted to fit in. But then I realized this is the only body I get, and I deserve to enjoy all that this life has to offer.”

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