Why I Celebrate Black History Month As A White Woman

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“I own a business that focuses on inclusion for all. I started it when I was 20.

Recently, someone asked me, ‘Why do you celebrate Black History Month, you’re white???’

So, I meditated on it.

WHY do I?

Because my best friend and loved ones are black.

I’ve seen them experience pain, and that hurts me.

Because I refuse to live in a world where our future grandchildren cannot play together.

Because my future children may be black.

Because black people invented things I use every day.

(Hello, toilet paper roll!!!)

Because black history is important history.

Because I’ve seen division.
Because I’ve seen hate.
Because I’ve seen racism come from my own white family.
Because I am intolerant of stupidity.

Because I want to see unity.
Because I believe black people are making history and I want to see every. single. bit of it.

Because we need to highlight black excellence.

Because I do not know what the future holds.

But what I do know is, I want to create a safe space for every black child.”

white woman celebrating Black History Month wearing a t-shirt to celebrate
Courtesy of Lynsey Shae Staggs

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