The Last Thing A Mom Should Be Made To Feel After Child Birth Is Hate For The Body That Helped Her Do It

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“My body is for my children.⁣

My arms are theirs to wrap around themselves into a hug.

To cradle my newborn and rock her to sleep.

And to carry my toddler and push my older kids on the swing.⁣

My legs are theirs to climb with and chase through the park.

And they hold me upright all day long and keep me going, no matter what.⁣

My wrinkles are theirs from nights spent awake moving little feet out of my back.

And early mornings playing with Dinosaurs when all I want to do is sleep.⁣

My ears are theirs to listen to through coos to first words and never-ending stories.⁣

My lips are their to kiss boo-boos,.

And holds a voice that advocates for them and reminds them how loved they are.⁣

So, mom bodies have cellulite, stretch marks, and saggy bellies, BUT they do so much.

And the last thing any mother should be made to feel after birthing a child is hate for the body that helped her do it.⁣

But this is normal for a culture that expects perfect bodies from women no matter what they have going on in their lives.⁣

So this is your reminder that this body is for our children.⁣

And look at all it has done for them.⁣

It brought them into this world,⁣ made magic happen,⁣ and has become their home.⁣

So, it’s time we learn to love our bodies back.”

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