Common Myths And Truths About Introverts (From An Introvert)

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There are so many misconceptions out there about introverts. Here are 8 common myths and truths about introverts to finally set the record straight.

Introvert Myth #1 – They Hate People

It’s a very common myth that introverts despise other people. This is not true. While introverts are often exhausted by conversation at times, they love people. Large extraverted personalities can be exhausting for introverts, but it doesn’t mean they don’t love their extraverted friends and family.

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Introvert Myth #2 – They Don’t Like To Socialize

Introverts actually like to talk or write, they just need time to process and analyze what they think first. They tend to get socially exhausted after a lot of socializing. In my case, I just need time to be alone and unwind to regain my energy again, and this is typical of a lot of other introverts as well.

Introvert Myth #3 – They Have Multiple Cats

I only have one cat, thank you very much. Introverts are not weird, crazy cat ladies. We are just deep in thought, home-loving souls who love ALL animals.

woman holds her cat close to her, putting her face on their head
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Introvert Myth #4 – They’re Socially Awkward

This may be a tiny bit true for me, but just because socializing is difficult for me doesn’t mean people notice my awkwardness. I’m actually quite witty, funny, and sarcastic once you get to know me. Most people find me quite hilarious thank you… and humble.

Introvert Truth #1 – They Dislike Small Talk

Introverts are not keen on discussing the weather for 20 minutes. We are, however, intrigued by deep and meaningful conversation. I could talk about faith, life, motherhood, and politics for hours if you let me. The way people think and view life is fascinating to me because it’s raw and real. The weather… not so much.

Introvert Truth #2 – They Prefer Small Gatherings

Introverts usually prefer a small group of friends talking and connecting as opposed to giant parties. We may attend a party here and there, but you’ll probably find us in the corner with a couple of friends, or in my case, getting to know the host’s dog.

three friends sit together in the woods
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Introvert Truth #3 – They Overthink Everything

Introverts are constantly thinking. My brain is like a hamster wheel that never stops moving. I analyze conversations I had, wondering if I said something wrong. I also constantly feel defensive for not being extroverted like “everyone” else around me. I think of new ideas, I stress about the future, and I’m always considering ways to improve myself as a person… it’s really exhausting actually.

Introvert Truth #4 – They’re Loyal And Very Loving

So many people assume because introverts appear “shy” or “anti-social” that they’re incapable of making deep connections. This could not be further from the truth; introverts love with such loyalty. Once we let you in, you could not have a more thoughtful friend on your side. Introverts are guarded, but once they let that guard down, they love you in the deepest way possible.

three friends hold onto one another while walking, laughing
Courtesy of Priscilla Du Preez (via Unsplash)

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