‘Some moms cook elaborate meals and some teach their kids to make microwave Mac and cheese.’: Mom shares reminder ‘there is no second place’ in motherhood

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“Calling all mothers.

All of us, every single frickin’ one, is trying.

Some moms cook elaborate meals and some teach their kids to make Mac and cheese in the microwave.

They’re both awesome.

Working moms envy stay-at-home moms and stay-at-home moms envy working moms.

Again, both are extraordinary.

Some of us homeschool, others have kids in public school and some go to private.

Does it really matter?

Lots of kids go to camp and lots don’t.

Who cares?

Be healthy, get in shape, but sometimes, drink wine right out of the dern bottle.

I mean, rules are no fun until you break them.

There are houses where televisions don’t exist and then, there are those where kids have their own.

Why must we chime in?

Breastfeed, formula, nursing, or strictly pumping.

Can we just say that what matters most is a happy mama and a fed baby?

There are families with one child or a half dozen.

Have as few or many as you like, ain’t none of my beeswax.

Some kids need antibiotics and some are healthy as horses.

Perfect attendance parenting awards make people hate you.

Some of us teach tiny people to swim like fish and others have children who resemble cats.

Just have fun.

Athletes or moms with a bit of pudge.

As long as we play, who cares?

Some are young and some are pushing fifty.

We all wonder how the days are long and the years are lightning quick.

Some of us keep an impeccable house and others use blowers rather than vacuums.

To each his own.

Some have very little and some have more than they could ever spend.

Hugs and kisses are free all damn day.

Do whatever you want.

As long as you love big and remember that there’s no second place when it comes to motherhood.”

woman laughing on the floor drinking wine
Courtesy of Adrian Wood
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