‘Did you notice the lunches packed with everyone’s favorite foods, the sink empty from last night, the clothes folded and put away?’: Mom shares reminder ‘tell her you appreciate her’

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“Did you notice the lunches packed and bagged with everyone’s favorite foods, crusts cut-off sandwiches, all ready to go? She did it.⁣

Did you notice the sink is all empty from last night, where every single bowl and plate was dirty? She did it.⁣

Did you notice the pantry stuffed with all the foods everyone likes? She did it.⁣

Did you notice how every appointment gets made and how everyone gets registered for everything? She did it.⁣

Did you notice all the clutter cleared all around the house, how the toilet paper never runs out, and the clothes are always folded and put away? She did it.⁣

Did you notice how everyone gets dressed, fed breakfast, hustled out of the house on time, into the bath, dinner, bed? She did it.⁣

Did you notice how she knows where everything is and where everything needs to go? She did it.⁣

Did you notice how everyone’s clothes are laid out, favorite pajamas ready for bedtime, and shoes the right size? She did it.⁣

Did you notice her picking up the Legos off the floor so everyone won’t hurt their feet on them? She did it.⁣

Because she is mom, and she does everything,⁣ and sometimes that not-noticing hurts her soul.⁣

And she doesn’t do it for praise, but she’s human, and it does get to her.⁣

It makes her feel like she doesn’t matter. ⁣

So, this is your reminder to tell her she does, and you notice, love, and appreciate her.⁣


Courtesy of Danielle Sherman-Lazar

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