Husband In Tears After Wife Secretly Publishes Book He Wrote As A Child

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Chelsea Elliott always does her best to buy the people she loves meaningful gifts, but she may have outdone herself with this one!

Her husband, Daryl Elliott Jr., has always been passionate about writing.

At just 7 years old, he wrote a book that he still reads to his very own children to this day. Titled “Barney the Boring Barumbus,” the adorably illustrated children’s book is all about the value of bringing kindness to others. But with years of use, this glued-together book was falling apart.

Luckily, Chelsea had a brilliant idea.

Without letting her husband know, she learned all about the self-publishing industry, had the book professionally illustrated, and published it herself.

All of this was revealed when she gave Daryl a copy of his very own book on Christmas. Understandably, this incredibly thoughtful gift left the writer absolutely speechless!

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