When Your Life Blueprint Is Your Own, You Can Never Be A Minute Behind Schedule

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“I heard it takes eighteen months
for certain whales to be born,
but butterflies can hatch in three weeks.

I graduated college in four years.
My friend dropped out.
Another friend took SO many
college-level classes in high school,
she graduated and had a job
before she could celebrate with wine.

When JK Rowling was 29,
she was living on food stamps,
to pitch to publishers
because she couldn’t afford to photocopy.
That manuscript was rejected
dozens of times.

It takes Mars 687 days to orbit the sun.
Jupiter? 12 years.

We didn’t hear much about
Jesus until he turned 30.
Jehoash was 7 years old
when he was crowned King of Israel.
Sarah was 90 years old
when she had her first son, Isaac.

I got married when I was 24.
Todd was 29.

Anne Frank had 15 years on this earth.
Leonardo Da Vinci was 51
when he painted the Mona Lisa.

dear friend,
take a deep breath,
knowing you’re not
a minute behind schedule.

You’ve come so far,
and have quite an adventure ahead.

Take a deep breath
and release your heart’s
tug towards envy.
Your blueprint is not
hers to follow.
Your story is a fresh
expression of the divine.

Take a deep breath
and step forward.

Grace and glory will meet you at every turn.”

woman smiles while resting elbow on her crossed arm
Courtesy of Savannah Locke

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