Farmers Are The Backbone Of The Country

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“I would like to challenge all my farming friends, wives, husbands, families, generations etc., to please fill social media with pictures and stories which PROVE how much our farmers do for their stock and produce.

With the live export and farming debate alive, let’s educate those who are happy to jump on the band wagon and hurt our farmers without any idea just what goes on out ‘on the land.’

Man cuddles with a newborn lamb
Laura Hutton-Storer

This is my husband (who I will probably owe a cooked breakfast for months for posting this!) who went out checking sheep today- on a Sunday, when he didn’t have to, instead of staying in to watch the footy, have a rest, (wash my car etc…) spend time with our family, because he cares about the welfare and well-being of these sheep during lambing, and especially since it’s been cool & wet over the weekend. I should add, we don’t own these sheep, so we won’t directly benefit from them other than to stay employed!

Newborn lamb sleeps in man's lap
Laura Hutton-Storer

This little feller isn’t in a good way. He was abandoned by his mom and left alone to die in the paddock. We aren’t sure whether he will survive the night, but we will try our best to do what we can to get him through. He is on a rug, in front of the fire, being fed every hour or so in the hope he will survive. He could’ve been left to die or ‘knocked on the head’ but he wasn’t. And this is just ONE of the lambs our farmers try to help.

Man bottlefeeds newborn lamb he's nursing
Laura Hutton-Storer

The footage from the boats which has caused all the controversy about live export was just ONE company. To all those calling for the ban on live export, I ask you to consider this:

Would stop eating out after one bad experience at a restaurant?

Would you stop driving a car because of one break down?

Probably not. So, don’t condemn EVERY ship/company/farmer because of one who did the wrong thing.

There is so much more to the live export debate. Our farmers are doing the best they can to keep people, who may have no idea what really goes on in farming, happy and abated while continually altering their practices, educating themselves and making positive changes to ensure their livelihood and farming continues on in the best way possible.

I love my farmer.

Most of the farmers I know are proud and hardworking, gentle and caring and doing their very best to feed the country. Thank a farmer for your next meal!!”

This story was submitted to Love What Matters by Laura Hutton-Storer of Australia. 

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