‘I miss them more than words can describe’: Marine’s 2-year-old brother steps in for PROM photos in his absence

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“My name is Skylar Fontaine, I’m 18 and a senior. My boyfriend’s name is Pvt. Gage Moak. He is 19. We have been dating for a year. We went to the same high school together and met because we both played soccer. He graduated boot camp in January and is in Military Combat Training. I haven’t seen him since January 22.

Marine smiles with arm wrapped around girlfriend
Skylar Fontaine Photography

Our prom was March 16, 2018. We graduate the first week of May, so we have a prom a bit early so it doesn’t interfere with testing. When I realized Gage wouldn’t be home for prom, I had mixed emotions. I was upset, but at the same time… I support him 100% and I’m willing to deal with him being away, because he’s the one making the ultimate sacrifice. I have been with him through his entire process of becoming a Marine, and that has given us a special bond.

Marine arm and arm looking into the eyes of his girlfriend
Skylar Fontaine Photography

Clay Moak, Jr. is Gage’s little brother. He is 2 years old. Since Gage wasn’t home to take me to my senior prom… his little brother stepped in to take his place posing with me for pre-prom photos. Needless to say, this girl was so happy.

Marine's 2 year old brother wears marine uniform holding frame of older brother
Skylar Fontaine Photography

I thought these photos would be a sweet gesture to send to my boyfriend while he’s away. He is a family man and very sentimental. He always puts his family first, and that’s his motivation to be a United States Marine.

Girlfriend of marine crouches down to put boutonniere on marine's little brother who is a stand in prom date
Skylar Fontaine Photography
Marine's girlfriend hugs marine little brother who is her stand in prom date
Skylar Fontaine Photography

Clay Moak, Jr. wants to be just like his big brother! He always greets me with a hug. I care about him so much! I would do anything to protect him! He is like my own little brother.

Marine's girlfriend holds his little brothers hand who is taking her to prom
Skylar Fontaine Photography
Marine's girlfriend and little brother pose like they are kissing
Skylar Fontaine Photography
Marine's little brother and girlfriend hug as he is her stand in date for prom
Skylar Fontaine Photography

Gage’s family has been so accepting and loving towards me since day one! They were so excited for these photographs to send to their son who is  away!! My boyfriend was so thrilled!

Even though Gage is 1,000 miles away, a Moak still made sure I had a great prom! It meant so much to me to have Gage be a part of my night, even though he couldn’t actually be here with me.”

Gage was thrilled to have his mini-me step in.

“I had been training that day and wasn’t able to look at my phone until later that evening, and when I saw Skylar and Clay, it was unreal,” he said. “I miss them and my family more than words can describe. Seeing their smiles motivates me more than anything. All the positive feedback is awesome!”

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