‘I started telling my 5-year-old, ‘I can’t wait to meet the boy or girl you bring home to mommy when you grow up.’ I always get shocked eyes.’: Mom says ‘I want my children to know I will always love them’

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“’What if you marry a boy or girl? Then you will want to move out of mommy’s house!’ is something I say to my five-year-old son often. I always get comments, looks, and shocked eyes when I say that.

The fact that I give him a choice, instead of just assuming he is going to grow up and marry a woman, is shocking to many people. But it shouldn’t be.

I spent many hours watching ‘coming out’ videos on YouTube and Facebook. You name it, I’ve probably watched it, a few years back. And I noticed something similar in most of the videos.

These teens/adults were terrified.

Terrified to tell their parents they were in love, with the same gender as them. All I could think watching these were, ‘Wow, I really hope my children never feel fear telling me anything. Especially when it’s about someone they love..’

So when my kids were around 4, I would say the usual, ‘Mommy wants you to live with me forever.’ And my children would always say, ‘I’m never moving out I love you!’ And to which I would say back to my son, ‘What if you find an amazing girl to marry? Then I’m sure you won’t be sad about moving out!’

I thought about what I had said for a minute.

Why had I assumed he would grow up to marry women?

Is this slowly making him believe he can only grow up to love a girl?

Am I slowly making him scared to tell me about the possibility that he will grow up to love a man?

So I changed the way I worded things.

It was small at first, but now I always give him options. Same with my daughter.

I started asking, ‘What if you marry an amazing woman or man when you grow up?’

I started saying, ‘I can’t wait to see who you grow up to be, and what girl or boy you bring home to meet mommy.’

Like I said, I always get shocked looks when I say that, but I think it’s a very important thing to bring up to them when my children are young. While they are learning. While they are slowly understanding what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong.’

I want my children to know I will always love them, and that I will always support them, no matter who they love.

I know it’s a small thing, but you never know what makes a big impact on your young children.

I will forever tell my son, ‘I can’t wait to meet the boy or girl, or whoever, you fall in love with.’

Because I will love my son no matter what, and I never want him to be scared to tell me anything.

Start young.
Start now.

Start normalizing that it’s okay to love whoever you want.”

Courtesy of Caitlin Fladager

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