As Someone Who Suffers From Anxiety, Smoking Weed Makes Me A Better Mom

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“Yes, I have two kids. Yes, I smoke weed daily.

It’s so funny to me how frowned upon marijuana is. No one looks twice when a mom says she enjoys ‘mom juice,’ aka wine, after her kids are in bed. But when a mom says she smokes weed, it’s a huge shock.

I talk about this to bring awareness. I feel as not enough people talk about this. Marijuana has helped me so much, especially when it comes to being a mom.

I have never been the most patient with my two kids. Weed makes me a better mom, as I get a good night sleep after I smoke. I wake up well rested, and with a more clear mind.

Courtesy of Caitlin Fladager

It’s okay to smoke weed after your kids go to bed.

It’s okay to smoke it to help with anxiety. Mine has been SO much better since I started smoking.

It’s okay to smoke it to gain weight. I’ve always been dangerously underweight. Now, I am at the healthiest weight I have ever been in my life.

It’s okay to smoke it, to help you get off medication. I was able to completely stop my anti-depressants because smoking helped me so much.

It’s okay to smoke instead of drink. I used to have a problem with drinking, and my behavior that came along with that. Weed has helped me to stop drinking so much, and to be honest, I much prefer smoking over drinking.

Marijuana is my glass of wine.

It’s my can of beer.

It’s my relaxation time.

You can still be a kick ass mom, and smoke weed.”

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Courtesy of Caitlin Fladager

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