‘I would like to purchase something to eat, but all I have is $5.’ This gentleman was wearing a backpack. He looked to be homeless.’: Man touched by Chick-Fil-A employee’s act of kindness for homeless man

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“Today I was picking up lunch for a Doctor’s Office and as I’m standing there waiting on my order and checking emails, I hear a gentleman ask this lady, ‘I would like to purchase something to eat but all I have is $5.’

So nosy me looks up from my phone and notices this gentleman wearing a backpack and holding a $5 bill who looks to be homeless, or maybe he was dealing with a hard time, but either way as he asks about a few items on the menu he shortly discovers he may need more than $5.

The lady begins to offer some suggestions to help him, and the man orders. As she’s asking him what he wants to drink, he’s thinking about it and the lady says, ‘Don’t worry about it. Your breakfast is on me.’

I took this picture for a couple of reasons. It would have been so easy to turn around and ask the manager to step in or for help, but she didn’t, she just said ‘Hey, it’s on me.’ She could have just given him water and took his money and went on to the next customer, but again, she didn’t – she just did it.

I’ve been in customer service for a long time. I’ve been through some of the best trainings, such as Dale Carnegie, and yet a girl name Karina in a Chick-fil-A in Jackson, MS in a 3-minute conversation with a customer has managed to teach me the value of humility and taking care of your customers.

It’s not just the nuggets that make this place successful. It’s people like Karina.”

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