After Giving Birth Alone, Mom Texts Deployed Husband About Newborn Twins Unaware He’s Behind Her

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Twins… triplets… oh my! Delivering multiples already comes with its own collection of added stresses and worries. But you’re about to meet a mother whose circumstances were even more complicated and anxiety-ridden.

Cydney Cooper of Topeka, Kansas was pregnant with twin girls when she went into early labor after complications from the flu.

Not only that, but her husband Skylar is in the Kansas Army National Guard and was deployed overseas in Kuwait for the duration of her pregnancy. They hadn’t seen each other for nearly a year. This meant Cydney had to raise their two sons while going through her pregnancy with twins, battling illness, and preparing for the labor. She knew she had to remain strong and defiant, but it wasn’t easy.

Cydney had to go into the operating room alone for her emergency C-section because those close to her had been exposed to the flu. Despite the fact she was surrounded by her caring team of nurses and doctors, she still felt alone and scared. After the delivery, she also had to spend 12 days all alone in NICU.

Since Skylar wasn’t expected to return home from Kuwait for another few weeks, Cydney began feverishly typing up a text message for him, detailing the doctor’s update about their newborn twins, Emma and Kyla.

As she sat there texting, with her daughters cradled in her lap, Cydney had no idea someone very special had just walked into the hospital room.

H/T: ABC News

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