‘The only explanation given was miracle.’: Boy starts breathing immediately after parents must ‘pull the plug’ on ventilator

“Today, we witnessed a miracle!

While we weren’t ready to say goodbye to Karson, we had come to terms with the inevitable.

We were given 10 minutes after withdrawing intensive care and the ventilator and told he would not breathe on his own and to expect his heart to stop within those 10 minutes.

At 3:00 p.m. today, he was removed from care.

Well God and Karson had other plans!

He immediately started breathing on his own once the ventilator was removed.

His heart rate and oxygen stabilized.

And here we are 5 hours later with this miracle baby that we were told would never breathe, swallow, have gag reflexes, or even survive.

He is breathing unassisted.

He is gagging (coughing up secretions from the vent).

He is swallowing.

He is surviving.

He even has slightly opened his eyes a couple of times today.

I’m not sure why I ever thought we were so undeserving of a miracle.

And I’m not sure how long we have been with him, but we have him now.

And now we will take.

The doctors and his care team have no explanation and are at a loss for words, saying that science and medical data does not support this.

The only explanation that was given was ‘miracle.’

This past month has been an emotionally draining rollercoaster and has been suffocating.

But today, when he took his first breath, I feel like we all took ours.

Our lives are forever changed.”

baby in bed sleeping soundly
Courtesy of Lisa Hough

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