‘Do you know how remarkable it is that you birthed a baby? Despite all of the fear and all of the firsts.’: Mom praises new mothers, reflects on the miracle of childbirth

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“Do you know how remarkable it is that you birthed a baby?

No, I mean really, when you stop and think about the wonder of that.

The power. The surrender. The strength. The softness.

In all the right places at all the right times.

You did that.

Do you know how remarkable it is that your body put cells together and together and together?

It grew an organ.

It grew your child—every bit of them just beneath your skin.

So much work and so much unknown.

Then you birthed a baby, or more than one baby.

You did it despite all of the fear and all of the firsts.

You did it in a hospital or in a living room or from your belly.

You did it with medication or without medication. You did it kneeling or in a hallway.

Wherever, however.

You did it whether you were ready or not.

Do you know how absolutely incredible it is that every day, just like that, just like you did, people birth babies?

Today is someone’s day. And that is remarkable.”

newborn lays on their mothers bare chest shortly after birth
Courtesy of Cassie Shortsleeve

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