Polish Moms Plant Strollers At Train Station For Ukrainian Mothers Fleeing With Their Kids

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“This photo gave me chills.

I think it will hit you, too.

The story behind this photo that is no doubt making its way through the viral signal, shows a line of empty baby strollers at a train station.

I’d like to think that if mothers were ruling the world, we wouldn’t be seeing any wars.

Apparently, a group of Polish moms left their strollers for Ukrainian mothers fleeing with their kids.

This hits deep.

As a mom.

As a parent.

As a woman.

Because a mother knows what another mother is going through right now.

Only a mother can feel another mother’s broken heart to see their kids fleeing war.

Only another mother knows what she’s going through to keep her kids alive.

Only a mother can feel the pain of another mother sending her child into battle.

If mothers ran this world, it would be different.

We’d be seeing a world filled with hope and compassion.

One that took away greed and guns, and one that replaced these with empathy and more trees.

We need more mothers in places of power.

Mothers wouldn’t be causing wars, they would be avoiding them.

Mothers wouldn’t be taking what wasn’t theirs, they’d be offering to give what they had.

Mothers wouldn’t be sacrificing their children at any price, or for any riches or gold.

And would never send their child into battle to end life.

Instead, mothers would be gathering their children at their tables.

And should those tables not seat enough, mothers would be building bigger ones.

Yes, we need more mothers in places of power.

Because in the end, when powerful men decide it’s time to fight, it’s never they themselves that make it to the war zone.

No, they don’t go out by themselves. Instead, they send out sons and daughters of mothers to fight their battles.

The same sons and daughters that not long ago,

Rode in strollers.”


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