I Donated 15 GALLONS Of Breast Milk

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Pumping & Nursing

“When I was pregnant I knew the only way I wanted to feed my baby was by nursing.

Well, when my son Benjamin was born on March 26, 2017, his mouth was too small for my nipples. At first we were heartbroken but we pressed on.

My milk had come in within 24 hours after birth, forcing me to pump.

I pumped every three hours for 20 minutes at a time.

My supply was HUGE (12 to 18 ounces a pump session) and I was extremely grateful for my body and its ability to produce so much!

I made an agreement with myself to pump until Benjamin was six months old and then we would use what we had stored.

baby receiving milk through syringe
Courtesy of Megan Nevin

During this time, I kept attempting to get him to latch but the frustrated screaming was such a turnoff and just made my mommy heart hurt.

My mom and my fiancé were so supportive in this journey and continued to encourage me to try and nurse.

At nine weeks old, I gave it another shot and he latched!

I was so happy I was balling.

My fiancé ran in the room wondering what was going on and then cried happy tears with me, all while our sweet boy nursed for the very first time!

mom breastfeeding outside and smiling at baby
Courtesy of Megan Nevin

Benjamin is now 11 months old and a total boob boy, still nursing strong!

Donating Breast Milk

I was, however, left with TWO deep freezers full of milk and no one to use it.

I could not donate to a milk bank because I enjoyed a beer every now and then.

Frustrated and heartbroken by the fact that I spent countless hours attached to a pump to produce this, and in the end, we may have to dump all of it, I started asking around as to what I could do with it.

My cousin’s wife suggested a Facebook group call Human Milk 4 Human Babies.

I joined and within 24 hours a mommy had contacted me!

I was so excited about the potential of this and yet so nervous!

Would the mom be OK with my milk knowing I have had an occasional beer?

Would the baby take to it?

She was going back to school with a 5-month-old little girl, Adalynn, at home, and her supply had tanked.

She was feeling discouraged by the whole situation.

Within the next 24 hours she had driven 60+ miles with numerous coolers, ready to claim milk!

Benjamin and I were able to donate just shy of 2,000 ounces (15+ gallons) to her.

mom holding baby next to bags of breast milk
Courtesy of Megan Nevin

A month later, she is 6 months old and thriving!

Adalynn weighs over 19 pounds and is 26 inches long, a wonderfully cute chunk, thanks to what my body was able to do!

I was so excited to see pictures.

baby girl drinking breast milk from bottle
Courtesy of Megan Nevin

I understand that every woman has a choice as to how to feed their babies and I respect them for it, but on the same token, I am so blessed that we have the story we do.

I have fed not one but TWO babies!

I am so excited to see where this journey goes for my son and me as well as future children to come in our family.”

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