‘My neighbors change these skeletons every day for Halloween. I think I finally need to share them.’: Woman documents neighbors’ amazing Halloween efforts

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“My name is Sami Campagnano and I live in Wesley Chapel, Florida. My neighbors change these skeletons every day for Halloween, and I think I finally need to share them.

Skeleton in yard holding wheelbarrow full of flowers while the other skeleton sits on ground planting them
Sami Campagnano

I noticed the skeletons moving around a few days into October and started to snap photos of them to compare all of them because I thought it was so creative. The neighborhood we live in is a new neighborhood so everyone who lives there has just moved in within the last few months, a lot of the houses are still being built. They said they have been doing it for years though!

Skeletons holding bag of Cape Cod chips while a smaller skeleton leans over blue tub doing laundry
Sami Campagnano
Skeleton wearing robe and boa stands with hands in air in front of "Fashion Police" cop car and skeleton with water gun
Sami Campagnano

Then the next day it got better…

Skeleton stands in yard holding boom box while another skeleton break dances and other sits watching
Sami Campagnano

The next day was amazing…

Skeletons sitting in yard on inflatable raft if "SOS" sign behind them
Sami Campagnano

Here are some more from this month…

Three skeletons stand in yard holding paper plates while one stands by table opening pizza box
Sami Campagnano
Tent sits in yard with skeletons legs hanging out door flap
Sami Campagnano
Small skeleton sits in chair in yard watching one hold up bird head and other doing handstand
Sami Campagnano

Skeleton stands on later holding orange pinata while another skeleton who is blindfolded hits skeleton who is laying on ground

Skeleton sits on medicine ball outside while the other stands holding resistance band
Sami Campagnano
Five skeleton's stand in yard under umbrella
Sami Campagnano

Here they are having a pool party today!! I recommend zooming in and looking at all the detail!

Skeletons have pool party in front yard
Sami Campagnano

I was very surprised to see the tweet I did of their movements blow up in the way it did. I only had about 170 friends on Twitter originally.

My neighbors’ names are Bob and Bill and when I went over to talk to them about the tweet last night and to show them that it went viral, they had already seen it and were caught up on it and were so excited They knew exactly who I was. They just put out the skeletons to make other people happy. They just want people to stop and see something joyful in your day.”

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