My Partner And I Have Two Totally Different Ways Of Parenting, And That’s Okay

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“Does he know better or do I?

When it comes to the kids

…which of us is getting it more right?

We have different ways of parenting, that’s for sure.

Different ways of loving,

of supporting,

of playing,

of teaching,

of disciplining.

So which of us is ‘getting it right?’

Which of us could take a cue from the other?

Which of us is of better benefit to our children?

The answer is neither.

We are equally of value to them.

And equally imperfect.

Even if we aren’t equally as


or serious

or organized

or adept with our words.

Even if one of us is more patient.

Even if one of us is better at nursing whiney, tiny-tyke patients.

You know, it’s easy to get frustrated with your partner when y’all are raising kids.

But when you remember that those kids of y’all’s are raising the both of you too, you take a bath in grace,

and you invite your loved one to join.

‘Cause they say it takes a village, and sometimes it does, yeah, but sometimes it also just takes two people

who care more about raising their kids up right than always being the one who’s right.”

woman and husband sitting at a table
Courtesy of Nicole Merritt

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