‘Red, White, and Blue milk! This was all from one side, from one pumping session.’

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“Red, White, and Blue milk!

This was all from one side, from one pumping session.

Milk can have a very broad span of coloration and most color differences you may see are normal.

Foremilk can have a blue tint to it as it is lacking in the heavier fat content of hindmilk. Foods with dyes like Gatorade or colored frosting you may see the dyes affecting the color of your milk.

The red milk in this picture is milk from a clogged duct that was engorged to the point it broke blood vessels when clearing it.

You may also see blood in your milk if you have nipple damage, bruised breast tissue, or one of your blood vessel walls just weakened and gave out.

Don’t panic if you see blood in your milk! I know it is alarming.

Assess the damage and what may be the cause. If it is nipple damage seek treatment options. If it’s within the breast tissue use gentle massage and cold or warm compress depending on if you need to reduce swelling or get milk to release from ducts. Keep you milk ducts clear and empty! Blood can coagulate and cause additional clogs leading to more serious problems. Getting in a shower or Epson salt bath is absolutely helpful as well.

Blood in the milk is referred to as strawberry milk and is safe to feed to your baby. You can remove some of the blood if you leave the milk to settle in the fridge. Blood will sink to the bottom and you can poor off the milk into another container.

You can also mix strawberry milk with non-strawberry milk to dilute further if you are still feeling uncomfortable. Breastmilk is truly liquid gold and we work hard for it.

A labor of love, blood, sweat, and tears.”

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