‘These two boys have entirely different stories, yet they are so fiercely meant to be bros.’: Mom reflects on adoptive son’s journey

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“Some days I forget he’s adopted; some days it’s all I think about.

Some days I’m blown away by the redemption, other days I wonder how his story will unfold.

Some days he asks about his birth mom; other days I remind him how much she loves him.

Some days he tells people he’s adopted; other days he wonders why he wasn’t born from my tummy.

Some days people ask if they are twins; other days I look at his face and all I can see is his birth mom, Miss Rae.

Some days I try to tell Gus his story and how we became his parents; other days I just can’t do the story justice.

Some days I remember the tears, the paperwork, and the prayers; other days I feel like we got more than we ever dreamed of.

Some days I think back to how I tried to write my own story of becoming a parent; other days I’m so grateful my plan didn’t work.

Some days I’m blown away by God’s grace in giving us these boys, and every single day I’m so grateful to be their mom.

These two boys have entirely different stories, miracles really, and yet they are so fiercely meant to be bros.”

Two young brothers sitting on a kitchen countertop hugging each other and smiling big
Courtesy of Chelsea Dyck

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