How Busy Partners Should Answer ‘What Time Do You Think You’ll Be Home?’

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“It’s been the same message every day for years now. Usually beginning in the afternoon and even more-so around work finish time.

‘What time do you think you’ll be home?’

And it always pissed me off. The amount of stupid fights and bickers we’ve had over what time I’m leaving work and what time I’ll be home is ridiculous. I would be so busy trying to finish off my day while getting messages and then at 5 on the dot you could bet your ass my phone’d ring. Eventually I’d get to the end of my tether and reply ‘I’m busy… just leave me a plate out’

I know right… just a dude trying to work hard so he can get home as quickly as he could.

But here’s the thing.

She knows I’m working hard. She knows I’m busy. She knows I’d rather be at home and she knows I’m not just chilling out while she’s prepping for the night routine alone. It wasn’t ever about that.

She just wants to know when I think I’ll be back.

She wants to know if we’re eating dinner together like a couple or separately.

She wants to know if she‘s telling the boys they won’t be seeing daddy again before they go to sleep.

And if we’ll get to spend some time watching our favorite shows and having conversation or not.

She’s not useless and she’s not relying on me to keep the house running. And she’s not questioning whether I would rather be home than at work.

She literally just wants to know.

Don’t be like me… try to send the message as soon as you know. It’s just as quick to give the time with a “xoxo” as it is to reply how busy you are.

That’s all she ever needed to hear.”

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